Thursday, 3 May 2012

Timeline (mostly for my benefit)

So Let's recap:

  •  April 9th I started feeling sick in Mexico
  • April 10th we got Home
  • April 14th My spouse and I went to separate Medical clinics to get some tests done
  • April 19th my tests were all normal
  • April 20th  spouse's test show positive for Blastocystis Homins
  • April 21st, I go back to his clinic to be retested, given medication to take right away
  • April 23rd my family doctor says stop taking that medication, too dangerous, wait for test results
  • I did feel better for about 4 days even after stopping that medication, the runs and cramps were back by April 27th
  • April 26, 27,30th & May 1st, I made calls to the clinic for the test results, they had not been received?  Seemed strange......made an appointment to see my family Dr. For May 2nd.  Also tried returning a missed call on my phone, April 27th,  from a "Hilltop medical"  I had not been to a place with that name, and there was no message, but I was curious.  Turned out to be the office of the doctor I saw on April 21st at Peninsula Medical clinic, and low and behold, he has my test results.......but they can't give them to me.....they did agree to send them to my doctor....who I would be seeing tomorrow, so that will work.
  • A few hours later, I received another call from Hilltop medical advising that they had a prescription for me to pick up.  The girl I had talked to earlier had shown my results to a Dr. who advised that I if I was still having symptoms, to get this prescription filled for ciprofloxacin (antibiotic to kill bacteria, used for treatment of many things including travellers diarrhea)
  • I was very happy to get such good service for one thing (thinking that would not have happened at my Dr.'s office) and although it was not the same medication my spouse had, it was acknowledgement of something, I guess it is always possible we picked up a different bug?
  • I cancelled my Dr.'s appt for May 2nd.
  • To my surprise, the next morning my Dr.'s office called to say they had a prescription for me to pick up, they had just received my positive test results, I needed some ciprofloxacin......(Well I am sorry for thinking badly of them earlier)
  • Oh yeah on April 30th I got a letter in the mail from my family Dr's office advising my appointment with the GI specialist had been booked for March 13, 2013.     (How handy, only a year to wait)  I am really hoping to be either cured by this prescription I am on now, or to have solved all my digestive problems, long before Mar 13, 2013!
  • We really need more Specialist Doctors in B.C.!
  • I am a fairly healthy person normally, but so far I have had to wait 8 months for an MRI, 8 months to see a dermatologist, and now a year for a G.I.  I hope people who are really sick, with heart disease or cancer get better treatment!


  1. Carloyn,
    I have Blasto too, is there a way we can connect via email? I'm at:

    1. Hi Gordon, Thanks for reading my blog, sorry you have that nasty parasite. I am not a doctor, nor an expert on this parasite stuff, so I hope you have seen your doctor to get the antibiotics. So far it is working for us, feeling much better this week.



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