Friday, 27 April 2012

Arrive Alive!

I am writing this down to remind myself to never book another appointment near 8:30 AM on a school day when you have to drive by a few schools!

I drove near a high school this morning @ 8:25AM, not in a school zone but a few blocks away.....I was so shocked,
What has happened to you parents that drive your kids to school?

  •  I was honked at for not turning left when the person behind thought I should have.....of course I would have turned if it was safe to do I waved at them, (maybe it was someone I knew?)  and I turned when it was safe to, they honked again (didn't recognize them)
  • That car behind me made a speedy turn, right behind me and then turned off to cut through a park's parking lot heading toward a school.
  • At the next intersection, 1/2 a block from the school, I was again waiting to turn left (at a light this time), when my light turned green, 3 cars went thru the red light turning left from the other direction....not one on a yellow, but 3 on a red???  They all have kids in their cars, and are obviously late for school, maybe you should leave your home earlier and arrive on time and alive!
I was on the way to an appointment and realized there were 2 other schools on my usual route, so I changed my route, and I was late, but alive.

I know I drove my kids to school for years, but I have either forgotten the chaos or it has gotten much worse!  I do remember hearing that most speeding tickets given out in school zones were to the parents of kids at that school.  What a great example to set!

While we are on the topic of bad driving, it really makes me crazy when you are backing out of a parking spot, you have looked in all directions, your car is more than half way out of the spot and someone either walks right behind your car, or drives around you.  Yes the majority of the responsibility is on the driver who is reversing, but pedestrians have to an onus to look at what is happening around them , and drivers who are passing any vehicle, can only pass when safe to do so!  It's a parking lot people, slow down and watch what is happening around you!

I have more pet peeves about lousy drivers, but that is enough to make me feel better today!

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