Monday, 7 May 2012

Risk and Oil Pipelines

I am sure you have heard of the pipeline proposal's for transporting oil through British Columbia, either in the North from Alberta to Kitmat, or the twining of the pipeline that ends in Burnaby.  There is also an ongoing controversy of tanker ships traveling up and down our coast line.

My immediate response to all of that was to ask why we have to ship our oil anywhere, why can't we just keep it for ourselves? lower gas prices would be nice!   I am also stuck with that "Not in my backyard" attitude.  I don't want to see tankers coming under the Lionsgate bridge, or even risk an oil spill near our beautiful Stanley Park, or anywhere on our beautiful BC coast line for that matter!

So I signed this petition,

Then I read this article,
No oil, please. We're far too pretty for that

  • Did you know that the Port of Vancouver is our largest employer?
  • How do you think we get out oil now?  (It is ferried or shipped or Barged)
  • Could you live without oil? (are you willing to give up your car?)
  • Building our own refinery is prohibitively expensive (and think of the protests), and not necessary because the existing refineries in North America are running below capacity.
  • Oil has transited through Vancouver by pipeline and tanker since the 1950's (no oil spills in 72 years, pretty good record)
After reading that article, and a few others about the benefits of risk in our lives, I would like to take my name of that above mentioned petition.  

I am able to lead a very nice life, living off my investments, many of which are in shares of Energy producing companies.  I have chosen my risk, (I prefer the lowest one possible) in my investments and in my life.  I am not one to even think of bunging jumping, or hang gliding, never even tried zip lining, cause I don't like that kind of risk. (or maybe it's heights or falling?)  

What I am trying to say is that everything you do in a day has risks, getting in your car, walking across the street, writing a blog.....if you were to live life risk free what kind of life would it be.  I also understand how insurance works, if a risk is too high, it cannot be insured.  If the risk is low the cost of the insurance is low, and vice versa.

Yes oil spills are catastrophic, but I agree with Gregor Robertson, make sure all the risks are insured, so we don't have to shy away from growth, unless you are willing to give up your car and go back to horse and buggy times!

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