Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Happily Ever After Spelt

Being on a wheat-free diet means grabbing a simple sandwich for lunch is a thing of the past.  On one hand it has helped me consume less carbs, but sometimes you just need to have a sandwich to take with you. ( I can't just stop at subway)

Yesterday, I found a fresh baked loaf of Spelt bread at Save on Foods.  It was made by "The Bread Affair Bakery" in Langley.  It looks like a round loaf of sourdough and it's soft, not frozen, or tiny, or heavy and dense!  Best of all it has no wheat and it's called" Happily Ever After spelt".......perfect name cause I am so happy!

This is the first wheat-free bread I have had that tastes like real bread, doesn't crumble and comes in a loaf bigger than a 4" square.

Down side it costs over $6, but so does that little loaf of Udi's frozen bread that crumbles as soon as you bite into or cut into it.

I looked up the bread affair website   http://abreadaffair.ca/ingredients.html
Unfortunately, they cannot guarantee "wheat-free" as cross contamination can occur in a bakery that mostly makes products with wheat, but I can tolerate small amounts of wheat so I am fine with this.

For the past few months I have been driving to Ladner to get spelt bread.  Richlea Bakery by Save on Foods in ladner make their own gluten free, and wheat free bread, buns, cinnamon buns & cookies....all quite good, and cheaper than the grocery store.  The spelt bread there is $4.99 per loaf, better than rice bread, but sometimes still crumbly, and mostly comes frozen.

I have tried many kinds of bread from Choices Market, all are at least $6, per loaf.  The only one that doesn't crumb and tastes real is a spelt sourdough loaf.  But it is 4" square, and doesn't have much if any fiber in it.

I also tried a nice looking fresh baked loaf of Spelt from Micheal's bakery in South Surrey, it was very heavy and tasted much like carboard.

Nothing I have tried compares to this "Happily Ever After Spelt".  It was great toasted with peanut butter, and great as a sandwich.   Now I just have to remember portion control!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Last minute vacation

You know when you read those great travel deals in the paper and you say to your partner "let's just go".....and then you realize you have to work, or what about your kids? appointments? Heavy sigh....obligations always get in the way don't they?

Well, we just got back from a lovely last minute vacation to Cabo San Lucas, booked on a Friday, left on Monday morning!  Yes I can pack that fast!  We even had company for dinner the night before we left.  It can be done, and we will do it again.

Sunwing has been advertising great deals to Los Cabos for the past 2 months, $375 +340 tax for 7 night at the All inclusive Riu Sante Fe......I think that is cheaper than living at home!  The Riu Palace was down to $595 + 340 tax at one point.  (remember follow the deals on www.triplink.ca)

We procrastinated though,

  • thinking it would be too hot in Mexico,  
  • hoping that we would get some sunshine at home (any day now... we are still hoping!)
  • I have been to the Riu Sante Fe twice, it was fine, but I like the Riu Palace a LOT
  • We had family obligations
  • We just went to Huatulco in April (It is way too hot there now)
When we finally decided we have had enough rain, and no one was really going to miss us, we ended up with the last 2 seats on the plane, and could not get a room at the Riu Palace, so we settled for the Riu Sante fe @ $475 + tax each.  

If you break that price down,
  • sunwing was charging $65 + tax for the air only
  • leaving $410 each for the room, transfers and all you can eat and drink......that's $58.57 a night per person
You can't go anywhere in BC for that price.

  • the weather in Cabo was perfect, 28C to 30C with a nice breeze, I think we saw a few clouds one day, and the last 2 days were getting hotter, maybe 35C
  • The food at the hotel was great, way better than I remember it and way better than the last Dreams resort or Secrets Resort that we have been to in the last couple years
Not Surprising,
  •  the wine was undrinkable and beer was not that great.  (But I went to costco and spent $80 on wine, and took my own bottle to the bar or restaurant and they were fine with that, even opened it for me)
  • There were too many screaming, drunk 18 year olds, (I am surprised more do not die from Alcohol poisoning)  Don't ever let your teenager go to an all inclusive resort, they just have no idea when to stop doing shooters!

Today I am sitting in my very green back yard, enjoying some sun, but the clouds are moving in again.....we are talking about moving.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Sleeping with Donald Trump

OK I am not really, ........nor would I ever consider sleeping with "The Donald" (ewww yuck)......it's just our 2nd try at a new bed is this really comfy Trump Bed, and we can't help joking about it.  Instead of saying I think it is time for bed, it's more like....."I think I'll go cuddle up with Donald Trump now" (probably won't talk about it in public, might not be as funny to other people?)

So yes, we sent the first new bed back, we gave it a 3 week trial, and just could not get used to how firm it was, and that yucky smell was just not going away!

The customer service at the Brick was amazing, they promise a no hassle return if you are not satisfied, and it really was No Hassle!  We were very impressed!

We heard many stories of people who had to give their new beds months of trial before they decided they liked it, but we also read one study that said, if you didn't enjoy your first night sleep on your new bed, you still won't be enjoying it 30 days later.  Trust your first impression, it is usually right!

If you read the first blog about the new bed, you might remember that I said we tried out the $3000 Trump bed, loved it, but ruled it out because it was too expensive. At the time, the salesman told us Trump beds never go on sale. (So first of all, remember salesman may lie, or maybe just not know all the facts correctly, even if they give great service)  The Trump bed was now on sale for $1427.00

We did not bring up this little lie or incorrect statement (whatever you want to call it), we were nice to him and he was nice to us.  We got what we wanted for a great price (even if it took a few weeks).

Our Donald Trump bed was comfy the first night we slept on it, no bad smell, just silly jokes!  Again we are reminded to trust our first impression.

Monday, 4 June 2012

The Cure for Everything, book by Timothy Caulfied

This is a book everyone should read, It covers the whole world of weigh loss myths and facts, as well as what it really takes to be fit, and how important it is for our health.

Myth #1 Exercise makes you lose weight......not true, you have to consume less calories than you burn,....eating less makes you lose weight
Myth #2  Having sexy Abs means you are fit.......not everyone can have those abs, but everyone can be fit if they work hard!

I love information based on facts, and this author went to great lengths to get us the facts.

Mr Caulfield not only interviewed experts, he quotes many scientific articles (which you may have to skim over as there is so many it can get hard to absorb it all), and he also goes on a diet, takes on a serious fitness challenge,  has genetic testing and visits alternative medical practitioners.  It is all quite interesting and often funny.

I will give you the conclusion as it doesn't really ruin the story:

  • There are no miracle cures
  • Ignore the hype, promises to Detoxify, Cleanse, enhance or boost metabolism, energize or revitalize, ...none of it works ......Don't waste your money
  • Don't get fooled by new scientific break-thrus, they rarely happen .......Don't waste your money

The steps to maximum health are Easy, but it is hard work:
  1. exercise often and with intensity(interval training works best) include resistance training  (even 80 year olds need muscle, you will benefit more from having strong muscles, than taking that run around the block)
  2. eat small portion sizes, no junk food and make sure 50% of what you eat is fruit or vegetable.
  3. try your best to maintain a healthy weight (yes this is tough, a life time battle, but worth trying)
  4. Do not smoke and drink only moderate amounts of alcohol 
  5. take simple injury prevention measures, wear a helmet, and a seatbelt, etc.

There are some things in this book that I didn't like, but the whole point of the book was to present the facts, what can actually be proven and what hasn't been proven.  It talks alot about the twisted messages we get from advertisers, and stresses we should not get caught up in it.  
Huge pharmaceutical companies advertise on Tv and thru your doctor, the Fitness industry is always trying to get you to join a gym or by a new product, it's how they make their money and how you lose yours!

Getting fit does not require alot of equipment.  Losing weight may require support.  Spend your money on a trainer, or a dietitian or a weight loss program that gives you support.

The other great thing about this book is that it is Canadian, and written in 2012!

Who is the Author you ask:
   Timothy Caulfield is a "Tier I Canada Research Chair in Health Law and Policy and a Professor in the Faculty of Law and the School of Public Health at the University of Alberta."  Here is a link to more about him.