Thursday, 24 May 2012

Are you happy with the ICBC premiums you pay now?

I would like lower insurance premiums, wouldn't you?
Here is your chance to make a change!
Take a few minutes to do this survey, you do not need to agree with anything, you can just suggest a better option.  Make sure you write some comments!

For example, they suggest that one at fault accident could follow you for 15 years!  In my opinion that is way too long, especially if you only have one accident in all that time.  5 years seems more than fair.

I also like the American commercial that advertises, shrinking deductibles, so if you have a safe driving record, and you do have an accident, you won't have to pay a deductible. (just a suggestion and one ICBC does not mention)

Take the survey here

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  1. i think it takes 15 years to wear of the crash. However many people are much happy with ICBC Insurance premium. They have a safe and secure option if they are paying the premium.


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