Thursday, 9 January 2014

Why I write Trip Advisor reviews

A couple days ago I wrote a negative review about a restaurant, on Trip Advisor & Yelp and I mentioned it on my Facebook page.  I did wait until the day after to write it, but my daughter is now questioning why I would so this at all.  She works as a waitress, so that may be part of the reason why she doesn't like to hear about negative restaurant reviews.  She also said "I just don't want people to think you are a grumpy old Hag!" (or words to that effect)

Her point was only that I should not post negative things on Facebook, or on the internet period, she believes we should only post happy, positive stuff on Facebook.  OK, I do agree with this for the most part, I often scroll over negative, or complaining comments, so I will try to remember not to post negative things on Facebook anymore.  In my defence I would never criticize or say anything negative about a friend or specific person on Facebook, I am not a bully or "a grumpy old Hag".

However I don't think I will stop writing reviews.

Years ago, before trip advisor or maybe before I had a computer, (no, I was not alive when the dinosaurs roamed the earth) I used to write letters if I had a complaint about a service or product.  I often received coupons, refunds or discounts and always some kind of written acknowledgement of my concern.  I don't write letters anymore, I send emails or write reviews, often without a response.  I am not a big complainer, I just don't let things slide when I think I have been treated incorrectly, or charged too much money.  (Really I don't complain about everything!)

I believe I am doing this to inform others, as I am always searching the internet for information that others may have to inform me.  So I guess writing reviews is like giving back, I share information with you and you with me.  I find it very helpful when I am searching for a hotel, or a great beach etc.

I truly appreciate the time most people take to share information, it would be great if we could all say only positive things, but nothing is perfect all the time.  All I can do is share my honest opinions and hope others are doing the same.

It is really unfortunate that there are many people writing fake reviews about competitors or just to be mean (who knows). 

This makes reading reviews is a big job, some people go out of their way to find the negative, (Really, I try not to do that)  and some write their reviews before they have had a chance to calm down, or maybe sober up.

So I  weed through all the reviews and find some like minded people, I look at the reviewer's history, and discount all reviews by people who have only written one review.  These are most likely to be fake.  If a reviewer has a long history with many reviews I read several of their reviews, to see if they think like me.  These are the ones I use to help me make my travel decisions.   This can be time consuming, makes you wonder how we managed to take vacations, or find a good restaurant before the internet.......(OMG I'm sounding like a dinosaur again)

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