Tuesday, 7 January 2014

I still love Blue Rodeo, but......

Last night we saw Blue Rodeo live at Prospera Place in Kelowna.  I have seen them before live, in Malkin Bowl, in Stanley Park, that was so good, that we jumped at the chance to see them again here in Kelowna.

Tickets were a very reasonable $69 and that included a copy of their new CD which was mailed to us before Christmas.  There are some good songs on there so we were looking forward to seeing them in concert again.

On the most positive note, I must say that Jim Cuddy's voice is still GREAT!, just love to hear him sing, and we wished they would have just let him sing more.  Instead, they continually added in long instrumental solos, featuring a pianist, an electric guitarist, drummer....and on and on....this is fine to show off each members talent, but in every song?  It was just getting too boring, the music on their albums is not like this, so yes I was disappointed.   The crowd may not have felt the same way as me, they cheered and clapped politely, I guess I just don't appreciate long, ad lib, instrumental solos.  I'd rather hear the song they it was recorded.

The Very best part was the Encore, when Jim Cuddy sang "Trust yourself" and then the group (including his son's band, The Devin Cuddy Band" who were the opening act) sang "Lost Together" ...that was the music I was expecting.   It was obvious, by the reaction of the crowd, that is what everyone wanted to hear.

The worst part was the new songs written by Greg Keelor, all inspired by heartbreak and sadness (yes he told the audience this), this guy really needs some happiness pills!  I am not saying the whole new album is sad but the songs Keelor choose to sing last night were all very sad in too many ways!

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