Friday, 24 January 2014

Today in Isla Mujeres

Hola Amigos,
We have now been in Mexico for 9 nights out of the 7 weeks we plan to be here.  We started out on the Riviera Maya, and arrived on the Beautiful Island of "Isla Mujeres" 2 days ago.

I don't want to complain about the weather, but I want you to know it is not as warm as last year.....and I packed for last year's weather!  One sweater, (that I don't really like), all of my large wraps/scarfs are in a drawer at home (cause I didn't need them last year).  I don't like shopping in Mexico so I just keep hoping that tomorrow will be warmer, but today is cloudy & really windy(35-40Km), not cold (21C) but tonight I will be wearing that sweater again!

I am inside on my computer because I can't find a sheltered place to sit outside right now.  We did go for a 2 hour walk this morning, and I am sure we burned some extra calories taking into account, the wind resistance.  
Yes, enough about the weather, I know it is so much colder at home!

Isla Mujeres is a small Mexican fishing village, friendly people, many who only speak spanish, but so far no problemo!  There are many great restaurants here, and not as many tourists as last year(that could be due to the weather) so competition is fierce to entice customers into their restaurants.  The main "Pedestrian only" road, is called Hidalgo, it is a really nice stroll, through stores and restaurants, all with the usual salesman trying to get you into their establishment.

Prices for food are a bit higher than we remember from Playa Del Carmen last year, because the island is so small and everything except fish is imported.  We have had to increase our daily budget for meals, but we still look for the places off the main road.  

We found a great little place last night, with fresh tuna steak and red snapper fillets, our dinner cost $330 pesos,(about $30 Cdn) they had promised one drink included with each dinner, but gave us 2!  Gotta like that!  We also had shrimp tacos and Chicken Fajitas today at lunch, at a sandy beach restaurant, 280 pesos (Including 2 cervesas and really good guacamole)  My only complaint was the 4 mosquito bites I got (again cause of the lousy weather).

Hope we all have a sunny day tomorrow!

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