Thursday, 2 January 2014

Have you heard of this "Dukan Diet"?

Ok, I have few pounds of cookies to loose after Christmas.  Yes, I am blaming my extras pounds on cookies, although I am sure red wine, cheese and a few other goodies could take some blame as well.

So, as usual, I sign back on to and log in my current weight and start recording everything I eat.  This always works for me, something I learned from weight watchers, 15 years ago.  myfitnesspal is free, and easy to use.

I came across this Dukan diet from an ad somewhere, and being curious I had to read about it (you know, maybe hoping it was the next best thing ever!)  It seems a lot like the Atkins diet, high protein, low carbs.  I did try the Atkins diet years ago, I couldn't do it, I just could not function without carbs.  What really caught my eye, is this Dukan Diet mentions your "True Weight" as a goal.
 So aren't you curious what your "True weight" is?

There is a simple online calculator 
They do ask for your email address, but so far they have not sent me anything, hoping no junk mail follows.

So you put in some info, height, weight, gender, goal weight, wrist size, pregnancies etc.  Then they give you a figure for "True Weight".  Mine was .8 lb over my goal weight. I did it again and changed my goal weight to 10 lbs less than my first entry.  Now my "True weight" was less, by 3 lbs.  So, I did it a few more times, and each time my "True Weight" changed with whatever goal weight entered.  What good is that?

I am sticking with myfitnesspal, obviously my "true weight" is whatever goal weight I choose.

Do whatever works for you, set an achievable goal, and don't spend any money on a weight loss plan without some research and a reasonable expectation that you can follow the plan you choose.

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