Friday, 24 January 2014

Why are Adult's Only Resorts so expensive?

We just spent 7 nights at the Lovely All inclusive Excellence Riviera Cancun Resort, near Puerto Morales, Mexico.  There really is not much to complain about at this resort, the grounds, rooms, buildings are all very clean, the nicest I have ever seen. No musty smells anywhere. The food & service was always good, sometimes really good. 
view to ocean from one of the many pools

View from our room
There was just something missing though, I think we were expecting "WOW",(because of the price and reviews) and we never felt the "WOW"
We like a happy hour bar, with a view, a fun place to meet new people & enjoy a cocktail before dinner. The only bar like that was the Martini Bar, no view, no music, and a big divider in the center so you could not see people on the other side. The bartenders were slow and often forgot what you ordered, it was just sad. (No Myers Rum or Grey Goose Vodka unless you pay more to be part of the Excellence club)

We like long walks on the Beach, and this was the perfect place for it, walking in the powdery white sand everyday, no need for shoes!  We walked to Puerto Morales one day, about 90mins round trip, but you could go even farther if you wanted.

I also like to swim, but the po
ols are not heated, apparently this is not a problem when it is hot out, but it was very chilly the week we were there, so the pools were very cold, I could not get into that water, too bad because the pools look so inviting. The ocean was warmer, but walking into the water you had to walk through weeds, I hate the icky feeling of weeds around your ankles, it was like that all around this area.

We have been to many AI (All Inclusive) resorts in Mexico, and love the "Adults only" ones, but always wonder why they are so much more expensive? A 5 star AI that has kids at it has to provide extra activities, kid food, and the kids often stay for free, so why wouldn't it be cheaper NOT to have kids at the resort?

The prices online for Excellence start at $500+ US a night, we booked early and paid $348US, seemed like a great deal, but without a fun bar, heated pools, and the "WOW" we were expecting, I think it was overpriced.

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