Sunday, 11 December 2011

The days are going by too fast!

It's 14 days til Christmas, I am looking forward to have our families over for Turkey dinner, but it is 5 AM and I am not sleeping, something is wrong with this picture!  As anyone who knows me will tell you, Carolyn is not a morning person.

So if you can't sleep you should get up and write down your thoughts.

It's been 11 days since I wrote in my Blog, I have a list of excuses:

  1. It's been 26 days since we started the renovation on my parents new (22yr old ) house.  I am in charge of helping my parents pick things, and get quotes, for windows, and kitchens etc.  Decision making is hard for older folks, much patience required.  The good news is the Kitchen and bath cabinets were ordered on Friday, the plumber and Electrician started on Saturday.  But the estimate of a 6 week reno, is now more like 12 weeks.  There are still many more decisions to make, flooring, light fixtures, windows, countertops, paint colors etc....I am asking Santa for more patience.
  2. We are planning Christmas dinner for 21
  3. I barely have time to read the newspaper so I don't have a news story bugging me right now
  4. I have been trying to get my Christmas shopping done
  5. I made 3 batches of cookies, mailed some to my son who is at university studying for exams.
  6. I am sure there are many of reasons why I am so busy, being retired is not easy, I don't know how working people fit it all in!

It's been 24 days since I started this wheat free thing
So far I have discovered:
  • There is really nothing at Tim Hortons I can eat, I tried split pea soup, and had the runs for 12 hours.  (This has convinced me that I truly may have a problem with wheat)
  • Fruit is also quite a problem for me, I went without any for a week (except bananas) when I tried adding some fruit back into my life on Monday, I was bloated right away.  
  • I have not been bloated for 5 days, my plumbing is working as it should and today I am feeling like all the stars are aligned just for me.  (partial thanks to some help from an herbal pill called Cleanse More)
  • A friend who has been gluten free for a few years, gave me a list of restaurants, bakeries, brands to look for, and recommended I go for allergy testing just to take the guess work out of what is good for me and what isn't.  So I am going to give that a try, with a Naturopath who does blood tests to determine food allergy/sensitivities.  That is next week.
  • I was totally hoping just to go back to being the everything in moderation girl but it looks like there may be food I just can't eat anymore.  This life change really sucks, but change can be good, so I will do my best to make lemonade!  (you know when life gives you lemons, make lemonade,,,blah blah blah)
  • And Most importantly, I learned for about the 400th time in my life, that the only way to lose weight is to eat less and move more!  the miracle claims that removing wheat from your diet and replacing that with unlimited quantities of other food are just too good to be true!  You actually have to eat less food, like remove wheat bread from your diet, without replacing it with Spelt bread.  (Darn!)

Ok, I think that was all that was on my mind, so I am going back to sleep now

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