Saturday, 17 December 2011

No miracles in 30 days

Well I made it 30 days without wheat, and I guess I feel better than I did a month ago, but mostly I feel like I opened a can of worms I wished I hadn't bothered with.  In the long run it will probably be for the best, but I am still not sure.  I have an appointment with a Naturopath in a couple days, so I am going to reserve my final opinion until I talk to her, and have some allergy testing done.

I am reluctant to just start eating wheat again, after a couple of bad experiences eating at Tim Hortons, and the buffet at the River Rock (where I did not eat anything with obvious wheat in it, but I felt ill for 24 hours after) *

On the other hand when I cheated a couple times, at home, I was fine.....I had a beer,  (it was really good and I did not suffer any ill effects) and I had some stuffing last week, with a roasted chicken, it was also really good, and no ill effects??? don't understand that at all.

So I only cheated twice in 30 days, lost 2 pounds (yes, again!), and my shoulder is feeling quite alot better.  But I have been working out with my personal trainer for 6 weeks now and I think that is a more likely reason for the weight loss and the improvement in my shoulder.

It will be interesting to see what the testing shows, maybe it is all just hormones, I'll keep ya posted.

* I have heard rave reviews about the River Rock buffet and I have to say no one in my group of friends were impressed by the $24.95 buffet.   It was not that big, and the quality of the food was just OK or down right disappointing.

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