Wednesday, 30 November 2011

All-Inclusive resorts

I can't stop thinking about this article I read last saturday, (yes I know my brain works in mysterious ways) I had to post a comment at the end of it of course.

This is the article The rebirth of All-Inclusive Resorts

I just want to say to anyone who has not been to an all inclusive resort that this article is so misleading. The Author admits to never having been to an all inclusive but yet writes a 2 page article about how they have improved? As in everything in life, there are the good and the bad (writers and resorts).

I have been to many all- inclusive's ( I am not expert but compared to the Author above, I am close)

  • You get what you pay for,  The Grand Velas resort mentioned in the article above, is very expensive and therefore will have better food, brands of alcohol, better wine, better service......compared to a 3 star resort that you can get a 7 day deal for $699.00.  You have to lower your expectations if you want the deal.  
  • For example:  I have stayed at the Riu Sante Fe in Cabo twice (some sites rate it 4* sometimes it shows as 5*) both times we paid aprox $1000. pp, then the next year we paid an extra $200 and stayed at the sister hotel, Riu Palace Cabo.....there was a big improvement, even though I liked the Riu Sante Fe, the food was just that much better at the Palace.  More variety, better tasting drinks, wine, nicer rooms, and less children, although not adults only.  So that extra $200 spread over 7 days, works out to about $28.50 per day, totally work it!
  • I have also stayed at some Iberostar All-inclusives, some have extra charges for a fancy restaurant, or to buy a better bottle of wine.  It's not like a cruise ship where you have no choice but to pay for the extras, there are many choices at All inclusives, most of them included in the cost of your holiday.
  • It is also your choice whether you want to tip or not, but most people find they get better service at the 3 or 4 star resort if they tip.  Funny thing don't need to do that at the 5* resort, there you would tip because they gave you good service all the time.
  • I have never seen a charge for a exercise class, most activities are free and most resorts have lots of to choose from, all listed as free. The only things that have extra charges are motorized water sports, or off site excursions.  This is also listed when you book your vacation.
Now if only I could get the free Trip to the Grand Velas for writing this article!

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