Wednesday, 14 December 2011

10 reasons why I am feeling organized

You know that feeling you get when you have finished your christmas shopping,.....  it's hard to describe, but I am sure you know what I's like a big sigh of relief or a big feeling of accomplishment!

I feel so organized that I was actually ready for it to snow today (of course that is probably why it didn't snow).   It is strange for me to feel this organized so I had to think about why?

10 reasons why I am feeling so organized this year;

10. The weather has been really good this year, cold but sunny, so it was no trouble doing the outside lights and decorations (and yes I did most of them)

9. I am retired

8. My kids did not come home early from University, usually they would be here for at least a few days in between exams. Now I am not expecting them until the 19th.

7. I decided not to send christmas cards this year ( and I don't feel guilty.......yet)

6. I am not going to make 10 kinds of christmas cookies, like I usually do, the kids aren't here to eat them and they all have wheat in them, so I can't eat them ( that should be instant weight loss don't ya think?)

5. We had the tree up and decorations inside all done on Dec 3rd

4. We have rented dishes, and planned our Christmas menu for the 21 family members who are coming christmas day, just some grocery shopping left to do.

3. I made my annual donations to the salvation Army and the local food bank today.

2. I cleaned out a closet today, it is supposed to be a coat closet but I had it full of old clothes I was going to donate one day, and just hadn't done it yet. Now it is an empty closet and our guests will have a place to hang their coats and I have another accomplishment!

1. The man I live with is very helpful, I no longer have to do everything myself (yes third time lucky!)

 When I think about it though, I guess I am usually finished shopping before the kids get out of school for their christmas break.  I don't have school aged kids anymore, so I am not sure what day that is this year.  So I'll just stick with the good feeling of accomplishment, Thank you!

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