Thursday, 24 January 2013

Rain in Playa Del Carmen

Even I did not believe this until yesterday, it does rain in Playa Del Carmen!

Yes, a whole day of clouds and rain!  We had to take an umbrella so we could go for a walk, it was almost like being at home, (except it was 22C).

We have laughed at the weather forecasts for this area, as they always say chance of thunderstorms, or 40% of rain, a sometime during the day a big black cloud blows through and you get wet for 5 minutes,  but most often it does not rain at all.  We have been here 27 days now and been rained on maybe 3 times before yesterday, so don't be scared away by the forecasts on weatherundergound or accuweather.   They are never quite right, none of them predicted a whole day of rain for yesterday.

So far today is looking better, I even checked the forecast .....(LOL not sure why)

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