Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Hotels & Beaches, week 4

Last Thursday we had to change our plan of going into Cancun for the day, as the weather was not looking good, so we took advantage of a break in the clouds and went for a big beach walk.  We planned on walking as far as the beach would take us (or the weather would allow) and taking a cab back.

We headed north as that was the direction that looked the least cloudy.  I have already told you about the first part of this walk, in my week 2 blog.  This time I am trying to record all the hotels and beaches we saw on the way, as Google earth is not up to date, and a map search only seems to give you some of the hotels.  I am sure the names are always changing as well.  Often we cannot tell the name of the hotel from the beach either, so I will do my best to find it.

Hotel Las Palapas   http://www.laspalapas.com/ 
Mahekal  http://www.mahekalbeachresort.com/        Now these 2 hotels are right at the foot of 38th St, where we start our beach walk every day.  And everyday for 4 weeks there has been a horrible smell around these 2 hotels, apparently it is from contaminated ground water, but it smells like rotten eggs or sewage, and I just would not recommend staying here unless you have no sense of smell, or it was really cheap?  Otherwise they look like great places, nice beach, nice looking buildings, good location.

The Elements  http://www.hotelelementsplayadelcarmen.com/index.html  This is a nice looking building, new condos can be rented off vrbo.com.  It is set back off the beach, but has it's own beach club which is basically reserved beach chairs.  Nice swimming area in front of the beach club.

Hotel Grand Coco Bay http://grandcocobay.com/  This Hotel looks much older now than in the photos, has a swimmable beach, but also a lot of fishing boats parked in front of it.  Good location, walking distance to 5th Ave, but nothing fancy.

Next is some unfinished condo's  the sign says "I'M", nice beach but obviously a funding problem has stopped construction here for some time.

Paradisus La Perla http://www.paradisuslaperla.com/photo-gallery.php  We cannot see the actual hotel from the beach here, just the beach chairs.  Hopefully the pool and grounds are nicer than the beach, as it is too rocky for swimming and very little sand to sit on.  Quiet beach area, nothing else around here.

Public Park/beach area, nice shallow bay, some rocks but not a bad swimming area

Mareazul, Condos, http://www.mareazul.com/ This is one of our favorite swimming beaches.  The condos look quite empty, New development with a great beach area.  Too far to walk to town for dinner though, we are about an hour into our walk now.

The Royal Hacienda http://www.royalreservations.com/the-royal-haciendas.asp  This place was very  large, huge pools and nice beach here, some rocky areas for snorkeling as well as a sandy swimming area.

Now I am trying to remember what came next so I checked Google earth and they have The Reef Coco Beach & Viva Wyndam Maya next, but both of those hotels have addresses in Playacar, which is no where near here, so beware if you are using google earth!

Sandos Caracol http://www.sandos.com/hotels/riviera-maya/sandos-caracol-eco-resort-spa/  This was a very busy beach, lots of children, not that much sand to walk by all the people.  Beach does not look as nice as in the photos.  Website is saying this is 10 mins to town, that would be by car.

Azul Fives http://karismahotels.com/HotelsResorts/ForEveryone/AzulFivesHotel  We could only see the pool area here, and noticed they had sand that was grey, they must have trucked in dirty sand from somewhere else, which looked strange.

La Reve http://hotellereve.com/  We loved the look of this small boutique hotel, not much of a swimming beach in front, kind of rocky, but not far to find a sandy spot to swim.  Of course this place has rates starting @ $339 US a night and it's not all inclusive.

The Viceroy Hotel http://www.petitlafitte.com/classicGallery.php  Not a great swimming beach, but they have built a private pier to walk out to where the swimming would be better.

http://www.petitlafitte.com/classicGallery.php this does not look anything like the website, but I do recognize the red roofs that were hidden amongst some trees, looked uncared for.

Grand Sunset Princesshttp://www.princess-hotels.com/hotels-riviera-maya-hotel-grand-sunset-princess-5-stars-photos.htm

Coming up to this next hotel, we were both in total agreement that we could definitely stay here

Grand Velas http://rivieramaya.grandvelas.com/  .....until I looked up the price...$707US per night!  Not in the retirement budget

Banyan tree Mayakoba, looked like expensive condos right on the beach, http://www.banyantree.com/en/mayakoba/ It was really start to get windy here, and we realized this part of the coast is no longer protected by the Island of Cozumel, rougher water, but it was not a great day for weather.

Next was a small wooden walk way over a part of the beach that was eroding, looking inland we could see the Mayakoba golf course, great view from the fairway and green on this hole!

 Fairmont Mayakoba hotel  http://www.fairmont.com/mayakoba-riviera-maya/  You can just see beach villas here, but judging by the website there is a lot more we could not see.

Ok, we have now been walking for at least 2 hours, it is getting really windy, and it feels like time to turn back.  We never did look for a taxi, just kept walking.  We were really tired, sand walking makes your feet, ankles and calves quite sore.  Four hours may have been a bit too long, the map says we covered 20kms, no wonder we were tired!

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