Sunday, 27 January 2013

More from Playa Del Carmen

I really am feeling sorry for any vacationers who came to the Riviera Maya for just one week, if you arrived last Saturday and left 7 days later, you really did not see much sun!  That is pretty rare for this side of the world.  Yesterday was beautiful again, so hopefully that trend will continue this week!

We had planned on going for a bus trip to Cancun and over to Isla Mujeres last week but didn't want to do that in the rain, so we will do that this week for sure.(I am using the power of positive thinking to ensure good weather!)

In week 3,  we did a bus trip to Tulum.  The bus ride there and back was very comfortable & reliable, big new tour busses and only cost 66 pesos ($5) each way.   Now I am not a big fan of touring ruins, (I am not really a history buff) nor do I enjoy touristy tours, but I wanted to see what the town of Tulum looked like, so might as well take in all Tulum has to offer. 

There was quite a long line to get into the Archeological site, and of course only one ticket window open!  To us it seemed very much like the Ruins we have seen in Turkey and Greece, but with palm trees and shade.   We did not do an official tour, just listened in on the other tour guides talking and had a nice walk around. 

Now you notice in that last photo, the nice blue water in the background, yes, there is a beach, so another reason I didn't mind seeing the ruins.  Apparently there are 2 beaches that can only be accessed by paying your entrance fee, but the biggest one was closed due to turtle hatching season. ( we could not see that)  We gladly went down to the little beach that was open because it was so beautiful, had to a swim because the sun was out making us sweat again!

After exiting the ruins we walked to a near by beach, had lunch at a beach bar, delicious seafood Tostadas and then laid on the beach for a while, then took a 50 peso cab ride into the little town.  We walked around a few streets but not much to see, not on the Ocean at all, so nothing to draw people there.  There are many young backpackers, so it must be a reasonable place to stay. No big hotels, or American restaurants which is nice to see for a change.  We stopped and had a cold cervesa at Charlie's Restaurant next to the Bus station, that looks like a great little place!   We quite enjoyed our little day trip to Tulum.

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