Thursday, 12 April 2012

Wohoo! Miley Cyrus is Gluten-free

I just got back from a little vacation to the hot and sunny Huatulco, Mexico....I'll write a blog about that later, (or see my review on , I am carcar47)

So catching up on the news, I hear Dr Art Hister talking about Miley Cyrus, .......(strange combination if you follow Dr. Art at all), anyway he wasn't impressed that Ms. Cyrus was encouraging people to go gluten free to loose weight.  Dr Art has celiac disease and has to be gluten free, so he is an expert on the topic.

Dr. Art says that only about 1% of the population needs to be gluten free, there are others like myself, that have intolerances and feel better without wheat or gluten.  Changing your diet can cause weight loss, but once you get used to the new way of eating, the weight will come back if you consume too many calories and don't get your exercise.  Dr. Art says for the average person it is more important to have whole grains in your diet.  (Trust me gluten free does not taste as good either)

So yes, it appears that Miley Cyrus has lost some weight, but telling her followers on Twitter that gluten is "Yuck"  and no one should eat it, is just her opinion.

My opinion, after being at an all inclusive resort for a week:  A lot of Americans could benefit from removing some carbs and hamburgers from their diets.   (how do I get Miley to tweet that)

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