Tuesday, 17 April 2012

I prefer my "dumb" meter

I have also been doing more research about those darn smart meters. Thankfully they have not shown up at my door to install one yet, cause I don't want to decide.

I thought I was comfortable with the wireless device (see my Feb 9th post), but now there is so much complaining about hydro bills increasing after the smart meter is put in, and even more recently the lack of security that goes with a wireless grid.

What does the "wireless grid" mean to me?  Well apparently there is no such thing as a computer system that cannot be hacked.  There are very secure systems that are really hard to hack, and very expensive to even try to hack, but that is not to say that someone, someday couldn't do it.

Now the information on your smart meter does not include your personal information, so do I care if someone hacks it?  Not really!.... what we are supposed to care about is, if someone were to hack into the "smart grid" that takes all the info from the smart meters and uses it to dole out the power.  If the smart grid is hacked and turned off, no one has power, or maybe our power is redirected to the evil side!  (think the villains in batman comics, only probably worse)

This is probably a better information link than me:

So why didn't the government research all of this before spending billions of dollars on these smart meters?  Maybe they did, and deemed it all to be an acceptable risk?

I am not comfortable with any of this, so I think I am sticking to my old meter as long as I can.

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