Thursday, 22 March 2012

Digestive Problems be continued

  • It was Nov 17/11 that I decided to give up wheat as a 30 day trial thing, I did not ever consider it to be a lifestyle change I wanted to make, but so far I have not been able to eat wheat again without tummy trouble.
  • It was Dec 19/11 that I went to a Naturopath for the first time in my life, and had the blood tests done for food allergies.  Yes the same blood tests that are now in the news, as a waste of money! (over $500 I spent)
  • When I got the results in January of this year, I thought it might have been a bit questionable, as the test did not show I had a problem with wheat or dairy, just eggs, bananas, sesame seeds and garlic.  The funny thing was that I ate eggs or bananas almost every day, and hummus (garlic and sesame) quite alot.  The wheat and dairy did not show up as a problem because I wasn't eating that stuff in December. (I have used Lactose free milk for years)
  • So I stopped eating eggs & Bananas, tried adding in some whole wheat bread, that did not go well, so I haven't tried that again.  But do I feel better without eggs and bananas...NO!
  • I want to try to add eggs back into my diet, but it has to be on a day when I feel great so I will know if it is the egg or not.....I can't say I have had more than one day of feeling great since January when I got those results.
I was actually supposed to go back to the Naturopath for a follow up on Mar 20th, I cancelled the appointment, because I am not ready to spend more money there, and I feel I have to find the food that is causing my continuing problems before I go back there.  The next day that story broke in the news, I have to say I feel like I was taken, hoodwinked or whatever you want to call it.  Although I guess I already knew that the test was not accurate for me, as I am not feeling better.

I was looking for the easy way to find the cause to my digestive problems, the Naturopath did say I could use the cheapest route, of starting with a bland diet and then slowing adding things to see what reacts, but that can take months, so I opted to pay the money and take the quick test.  

Over the past couple months, I have been taking pills every night to keep me regular, (cleanse more, and a magnesium), I stopped taking the Ichol Plus (digestive vegetable capsules) cause I didn't think I needed them.  This helped until last week, now I don't need the cleanse more, (you can guess why).  I have restarted the Ichol plus, as that does help with digestion, the naturopath gave those to me because I do not have a gall bladder.

I have also been reading about food combining, which tells you to eat foods in the proper order, and don't combine starch with protein at the same meal.  Alot of rules, I tried, but found it hard to follow, and no improvement at all.

I have been eating a very healthy diet, no fast food, very little processed food (gluten free cookies, and chocolates are my greatest weakness).  We don't eat carbs at dinner, and only drink Alcohol on weekends now.  I have lost 2 lbs, and gained some muscle back thanks to my 2 days a week with my personal trainer.  

This week I gave up chocolate, and Almonds too.  I still have random tummy aches, and run to the thank god it is not chocolate! (Yahoo!)

My research includes writing down everything I eat, and today I discovered that I may have a problem digesting protein.  I found several articles online that describe my symptoms, and I just may be onto something here.  I am not going to get too excited about this yet, cause as you can tell I have been incorrect before (don't tell anyone, I hate to admit I was wrong).  I do have an appointment with my Doctor next week, and I know there are supplements I can take to help digest protein better.( I think the Ichol plus maybe one of them) 

I have my fingers crossed, I'll keep you posted,
Have a Great Day!

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