Monday, 19 March 2012

Nothing like a sunny Monday

I know, it has been such a long time between blogs, but you will be happy to know (well I am happy so you should be too!) that my parents have moved into their new house.

  • The reno is mostly done, still need a light fixture and some tile for the kitchen back splash, and alot of unpacking and organizing, but they are in!
  • The old house is sold and emptied (which is a total miracle, I do not know where they kept all that stuff).  
  • There were a few set backs, like the floor having to be redone, as the first one was installed incorrectly.  The kitchen countertop was also installed that day, but was not ordered correctly so had to be taken out and replaced after they moved in.  (talk about a bad day)
  • All quite stressful, and to make it worse, their dog had to be put down just a couple weeks before the move.  (too sad, you can imagine how hard this all was for older folks)
When I talked to my Mom this morning, she was happy to see the sunshine, and off to volunteer at the church.  Life is returning to normal.

Last week when it was snowing (or trying to) I found a great vacation deal, and after looking at it for a few days the price dropped to $885. pp for a week of Adults only, all inclusive food, drinks, airfare, accommodation, sun and sand.  We couldn't pass it up.  So we are not going to Hawaii, but Huatulco, Mexico.....which has been on my list of places to see, so I am very Happy!

If you are doing any vacation planning, check out this website I found last week,
I have not seen this site before, but it is great for finding the best time to travel to a city, or your favorite hotel.  You put in your destination, and if you choose, a hotel name, and it will come up with a calendar showing you the prices for each day, for the next 6 months or so.  

So if you want to go to Vegas, and stay at Bellagio, it will give you all the prices from a large selection of air/ tour companies, so you can choose the best price.  So easy!

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