Friday, 24 February 2012

Today's theme

I just got home from my yoga class, and I wanted to share today's theme.... "let go of your negative thoughts" It can be a little thing, like the weather (why is it trying to snow today?) or something bigger, like an illness or your parents downsizing, moving, renovation (grrrrr)...whatever it is just let it go.

Maybe I should back up a bit.  I do yoga once a week, because of this really great instructor, Lauren.  She is quite young, and very accepting.  Her class can be very hard, but she stresses that we should just accept where we are today, be happy with where you are right now.  Don't compare yourself to your neighbor, if this is as far as you can stretch today, accept that, feel your own accomplishment.   Of course she and several others in the class are amazingly flexible, so Lauren gives us 3 levels of difficulty so you can challenge yourself, or just "accept this is where you are today".

I know it sounds corny, I am still not comfortable with the "Ohmmm" thing, but it is all in how she says it, her calming voice, when you are there it is so easy to just accept it.

Lauren's class is the only reason I am still a member at the Steve Nash gym, it is the only class worth going to, which is easy to tell because of the over 40 people who attend every Friday morning.  It is the only class that is that full all year, not just in January.  

Anyway, every yoga class starts with a little story, and a theme.  I can easily adopt her little theme while I am there for an hour, and surprisingly it can last all day.  All you have to do is accept it, so today just try it, you have nothing to lose.  Let go of all you negative thoughts!

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