Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Note to Christy Clark

I did not get a chance to listen to the whole online radio show on CKNW with Bill Good and Christy Clark, but the reviews I have seen, disappoint me.  Here she is the Premiere of British Columbia, a women with power, why isn't she using it to her advantage?  

I think I was expecting her to be like Diane Watts, the mayor of Surrey, she had a bit of a rough start, trying to get her council on her side, but she was able to make very positive changes in her first year, and in the 6 years she has been Mayor so far, she has earned great respect.

Don't you find yourself thinking......If I had the power I would.........that's where I stop myself because I really don't want that power.

I really like Barack Obama, he is a great speaker and had such great vision for the United States, such promise, but without the support of his cabinet he cannot get anything accomplished.  If I had the power in the US, Barack Obama and his party, would have the majority votes.  I would get rid at least half of the government's bureaucrats, there are just too many levels of government, senators, congressmen, etc....the money they would save on the salaries of elected or appointed officials, could be used for welfare for the citizens without jobs, (and maybe much more) and then Obama could get something done.

Back to Christy Clark, I wish she would use her power to make change, stop blaming her lack of progress on the previous administration, just change it.  If you believe there is a better way to toll bridges and Highways, just say so, tell us why.

I like the way she did this when she talked about the teachers strike, she made it clear she was not going to be agreeing to any union salary increases this year, and she said it with authority.  She needs to keep that same attitude with every issue.  When she was a talk show host she told us her opinions, what she liked and what she didn't and why.  Don't stop now Christy, you have the power, use it!

Please learn from the previous administration's mistakes, tell us why you want to make changes, educate us so we know why change is good, before you make the change.  Communicate with us, but don't buy TV ads during superbowl, or mail us a shiny brochure, the media can get your message out for free.

You can't make everyone like you so stop trying, make some change for the better and earn some respect while you have the power.

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