Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Tolls and Translink Vancouver

The other day we were talking about how much tolls are going to be on the new Port Mann bridge.

I have heard anything form $3.00 to $5.30 per trip, the cheaper rate is with a transponder.

In August we took our first trip over the Golden Ears bridge to Maple Ridge, we had no idea how much that would cost, there are no signs showing the cost.  The next month the bill came in the mail for $8.20.  That is a roundtrip without a transponder. (I won't go into the additional cost of mailing this bill)

So a good friend of mine says we should all just get a transponder no matter how often you take a bridge.

Which brought up another topic......They are building a huge new IKEA store in Richmond, which to me is great because I was thinking when they toll that new Port Mann bridge from Surrey to Coquitlam, I won't want to go to that IKEA store that I love!  But I will drive to Richmond cause there is no toll to go through the tunnel.  I betcha those wise IKEA folks knew I wouldn't be the only one on this side of the river, thinking like this, so they decided to expand the old IKEA store in Richmond, good thinking I say!

Dear Translink, you need to think more like IKEA.

  • Why doesn't every one have a manditory transponder? Instead of more new gas taxes, put a toll on all bridges and tunnels.  
  • Start with the 25 cents they were going to use as a new gas tax.  
  • So every bridge and tunnel you go through everyday will be the same price, new or old.  That way we are not all avoiding the expensive new bridges, and cramming up the old ones that are free.
  • Then the real users of the bridges and tunnels are the ones who pay for them, not just  people who buy gas.
  • I do not travel daily over bridges, so this seems like such a fair way of doing things.
  • the only con I see is the initial cost of putting up those toll cameras, and who should pay for the transponders (I think that ICBC should issue them with your insurance and all those reserves they have should pay for them nicely)

What do you think?

Did you know you can share your opinions with Translink

And on another note, all you folks who complain about ICBC, you can share your opinons with them as well.


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