Friday, 14 October 2011

Never too old to learn a new trick!

For the past 2 days I have been helping my in-laws learn to use a computer, they are in their 80's and have no computer experience but they really like this new iPad and want to give it a try.  Good for them!

As for me, I have learned that

  • the iPad 2 is way better than my last year's iPad, wish I had waited, but it still doesn't have Flash player, so maybe I'll wait for that.  
  • to set up a new iPad you need a computer, (which the in-laws don't have) 
  • When you plug in the new iPad to your computer you should sign out of your itunes account first, cause the ipad just syncs with the account already on itunes, and changing that took me hours! (because I didn't sign out, and the screen that asks you if you want to create a new account did not appear???, it did the second time I tried.... an hour later)
  • When teaching older people something new they should be wearing their glasses, and hearing aids (if applicable)
  • I am a patient person, and I feel good about that!

In the news today is a story of a 100yr. old man who is going to run the Toronto marathon, he just started running when he was in his 80's.

This is all good news to me, as I am not anywhere near 80, so of course I can write a blog, and get in better shape, and fix that nagging shoulder injury,  just do it, move more, eat less, all those easy things to say.....time to get busy!
Have a great Day!

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