Sunday, 16 October 2011

Harper supports tougher language rules for immigrants

Reading the province newspaper this morning, "Harper supports tougher language rules for immigrants". The changes proposed are not drastic, immigrants would have to prove they can speak English or French when submitting their application for citizenship. The article then goes on to say why immigration lawyers think this is too tough, and we should leave well enough alone. There must be a potential for a loss of money for these lawyers???

I believe all Canadians should speak English or French and then any other language they choose as well. See my post from July 3/09. I firmly believe that people who want to live in Canada should speak one of our official languages and we should not have to pay for them to learn that language. We would save millions in ESL education costs, as well as being able to understand what our neighbors are saying. I am sure the lawyers can find another way to make money.

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