Monday, 16 July 2012

I hate Rayon!

I bought this cute little top a few days ago,( needed something red) it is a knit fabric, quite comfy.  

Then I washed it.........didn't think to look at the shrunk about 6 inches or more!  Yes 100% Rayon.  

I have always hated Rayon, it wrinkles, and shrinks likes crazy.  Luckily, I noticed before I put it in the dryer.  I got it wet again, and stretched it back into shape.  It takes alot of muscle to pull at both ends of the fabric but it works.  Of course being a knit this is alot easier to stretch than a woven fabric.

While you are out shopping you will notice these days, most ladies t-shirts & knit dresses are made of this new slinky kind of knit.  Some manufacturers are calling it Modal, but it is is cheap man made fabric.  I hate the way it clings to all the wrong places.  

What happened to good old 100% cotton for a t-shirt!

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