Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Happily Ever After Spelt

Being on a wheat-free diet means grabbing a simple sandwich for lunch is a thing of the past.  On one hand it has helped me consume less carbs, but sometimes you just need to have a sandwich to take with you. ( I can't just stop at subway)

Yesterday, I found a fresh baked loaf of Spelt bread at Save on Foods.  It was made by "The Bread Affair Bakery" in Langley.  It looks like a round loaf of sourdough and it's soft, not frozen, or tiny, or heavy and dense!  Best of all it has no wheat and it's called" Happily Ever After spelt".......perfect name cause I am so happy!

This is the first wheat-free bread I have had that tastes like real bread, doesn't crumble and comes in a loaf bigger than a 4" square.

Down side it costs over $6, but so does that little loaf of Udi's frozen bread that crumbles as soon as you bite into or cut into it.

I looked up the bread affair website   http://abreadaffair.ca/ingredients.html
Unfortunately, they cannot guarantee "wheat-free" as cross contamination can occur in a bakery that mostly makes products with wheat, but I can tolerate small amounts of wheat so I am fine with this.

For the past few months I have been driving to Ladner to get spelt bread.  Richlea Bakery by Save on Foods in ladner make their own gluten free, and wheat free bread, buns, cinnamon buns & cookies....all quite good, and cheaper than the grocery store.  The spelt bread there is $4.99 per loaf, better than rice bread, but sometimes still crumbly, and mostly comes frozen.

I have tried many kinds of bread from Choices Market, all are at least $6, per loaf.  The only one that doesn't crumb and tastes real is a spelt sourdough loaf.  But it is 4" square, and doesn't have much if any fiber in it.

I also tried a nice looking fresh baked loaf of Spelt from Micheal's bakery in South Surrey, it was very heavy and tasted much like carboard.

Nothing I have tried compares to this "Happily Ever After Spelt".  It was great toasted with peanut butter, and great as a sandwich.   Now I just have to remember portion control!

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  1. Hi,
    I enjoy bread affairs spelt bread,too. They , also, have a spelt bread sandwich loaf which is great. I. Have only seen it in Crescent Beach so far but probably can get it in Langley.
    You probably already know that spelt is a wheat. It does have less gluten than regular wheat, though.
    Another great spelt bread can be found at the Preserved Seed in Chilliwack. They make spelt waffles in their restaurant, too.


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