Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Retirement in the sunshine

Deciding where we want to live when we retire, is taking quite a lot of time.  I am researching weather, and real estate listings, as well as questioning everything, to determine what is right for us? (out loud questioning, so you and your spouse hear your thoughts and hopefully agree on the answers)

I found Environment Canada's website for weather winners, which ranks all Canadian cities, for most sunny, cloudy, rainy, snowy days and much more. http://www.climate.weatheroffice.gc.ca/winners/intro_e.html

BC cities with the most sunny days in cold months

  • Cranbrook #22
  • Kamloops  #27
  • Victoria      #51
  • Vernon       #70
  • Kelowna     #71
  • Vancouver  #93
BC cities with the most sunny days in warm months
  • Kamloops #2
  • Kelowna   #3
  • Penticton   #4
  • Victoria     #9
  • Vancouver #47  (yes this is why we want to move!)
BC cities with the most cloudy days year round

  • Vancouver #10
  • Kelowna    #30
  • Victoria      #35

Rainiest location in BC  (this is no surprise)

  • Chilliwack #3
  • Abbotsford #4
  • Vancouver #9
  • Nanaimo   #12
  • Duncan     #12
  • Victoria    #26
  • Kelowna   #89
  • Kamloops  #98
I think we are feeling pretty confident that Kelowna is place we want to move to, not only for the weather, but that is a big part!

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