Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Sleeping with Donald Trump

OK I am not really, ........nor would I ever consider sleeping with "The Donald" (ewww yuck)......it's just our 2nd try at a new bed is this really comfy Trump Bed, and we can't help joking about it.  Instead of saying I think it is time for bed, it's more like....."I think I'll go cuddle up with Donald Trump now" (probably won't talk about it in public, might not be as funny to other people?)

So yes, we sent the first new bed back, we gave it a 3 week trial, and just could not get used to how firm it was, and that yucky smell was just not going away!

The customer service at the Brick was amazing, they promise a no hassle return if you are not satisfied, and it really was No Hassle!  We were very impressed!

We heard many stories of people who had to give their new beds months of trial before they decided they liked it, but we also read one study that said, if you didn't enjoy your first night sleep on your new bed, you still won't be enjoying it 30 days later.  Trust your first impression, it is usually right!

If you read the first blog about the new bed, you might remember that I said we tried out the $3000 Trump bed, loved it, but ruled it out because it was too expensive. At the time, the salesman told us Trump beds never go on sale. (So first of all, remember salesman may lie, or maybe just not know all the facts correctly, even if they give great service)  The Trump bed was now on sale for $1427.00

We did not bring up this little lie or incorrect statement (whatever you want to call it), we were nice to him and he was nice to us.  We got what we wanted for a great price (even if it took a few weeks).

Our Donald Trump bed was comfy the first night we slept on it, no bad smell, just silly jokes!  Again we are reminded to trust our first impression.

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