Monday, 25 March 2013

What to do with those 3 little windows?

This is the wall in our master bedroom, those 3 little windows will be above our bed.  The sun rises on that side of the house so we need to cover these windows with something.  Roller blinds seem to be what most people use, but what color and where do the cords go?  The price we were quoted was $540 for roller blinds on these 3 little windows.......I didn't think it was worth it, there must be something nicer. 

 The salesperson who was selling the blinds, said that other clients have used pillows.  That sounded interesting, so I bought a pillow, but it wouldn't fill the whole window or even stay up there, it was too puffy.  I also thought of using a framed canvas, or covering a frame with fabric but it looked too flat, we needed more depth.  So back to the pillow, I needed to square it, to make it fill the window completely and to make it stay in place.

So I picked open the seam of the pillow, and removed the stuffing,

I bought some foam core poster board, and cut it the same size as the window

Then slide the poster board into the pillow casing, and put some of the stuffing back in, but not much, just enough for one side of the pillow to be puffy while the other side stays flat

Hand sew the open seam back together, and place into the window.  It fits quite snug, but I may add a piece of velcro to make sure it doesn't fall on us during the night.
This is the final result, quite cool I think!

When we get the bed with the black faux leather headboard in here it is going to look great!

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