Friday, 8 February 2013

Playa Del Carmen, week 6- Condo rentals

On one hand I cannot believe we only have 7 days left here in Playa Del Carmen, but on the other hand we both agree we have been in one place a bit too long, not that we want to go home, just that we wish we hadn't rented just one condo, in just one place.

 The condo we have been living in is very nice, a small building of 11 units, quiet neighbors that come and go every week, but we have not meet many people here.  One month here would have been perfect, on week 5 we were both ready to move somewhere else, but we are locked we will know better next time.

When the weather is not cooperating, it would be nice to have the freedom to take off to Puerto Vallarta, or maybe down to Belize?   But I am really not sure I could just get on a plane and decide where to stay when I get there, I like to plan, I want to stay in a nice place and get a good deal, and not have to pack up and move every week.  (probably an age thing, I like to think it is wisdom)

We have started looking around at other condos, trying to find the quietest nighttime area, but still within walking distance to everything, like we have now.  I would love to stay in Playacar, as the beach is beautiful down there.  So far we have found some nice places but most of them are very pricey and a very long walk to town.

I don't understand how this part of Mexico got so expensive, all of the beachfront condos are $350 US a night.  You can stay in a very nice all inclusive resort for that price (or less) or you could rent a whole house for $400 a night, so why are people paying these kind of prices?  Most of the beachfront condos here do not even have a nice beach in front of them (El Taj, Ocean Plaza, El Faro, Luna Encanta), or they are beside a noisy bar.  Come on people, supply and demand, do your research before you pay these prices!  ( I feel like ranting but I will stop there)

We are not sure wether we will come back here next year or not, when prices are over $5000 a month for a condo we could go to Hawaii.  We like Mexico but it is supposed to be better weather than Hawaii and much cheaper.  The food, alcohol and restaurants in Mexico are still half the price of Hawaii.  You are not going to get a cold beer in Hawaii for 25 pesos ($1.96 cdn), or a restaurant meal for 2 with drinks for 300 pesos ($23.50).

The locals say that the 2 weeks of rain we got here at the end of January was very unusual,  and I have found a few nice condos that are closer to the $3000 a month range, so we haven't ruled out coming back here again.  We are touring some condos, The Meridian, Luna Maya, Parmar Del Sol, & Pueblito Escondito  this week, but probably won't make any decisions until we get home.   We have ruled out "The Elements" although it looks wonderful, there is a beach bar close by that plays loud music (boom boom boom) night and day that just ruins the ambiance.

Also, we know we can still rent a beautiful condo in Nuevo Vallarta for $2250 per month (example here:  The only thing missing there is the beautiful warm turquoise ocean with the white sand.  Pacific coast beaches just do not compare to the Atlantic, but the seafood on the pacific side is so much better so there are pros and cons to everything.

Doing a quick search of condos in Waikiki, Hawaii, it would not be hard to find a one bedroom there for under $3000.  (example  It would not be beachfront, but the ones I am looking at in Playa Del Carmen are not beachfront either.

While doing my condo search online I came across the blog of Wandering Earl it is a great read if you have time, not just this one post but the whole thing.

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