Friday, 22 February 2013

Playa Del Carmen, Conclusion

Things I learned during our extended stay in Playa Del Carmen:

  • The beach is one of the best we have been to, miles of white sand to walk on, sand that never gets hot, and swimming in the warm, clear turquoise water........heaven!
  • The weather is great (most of the time) you can't rely on the online weather forecasts but it will rain once and awhile.  There will also be really hot days, even I (dedicated sun worshipper) needed shade.
  • There is no old town left in Playa Del Carmen.  The City is bigger than I expected.  There are still poor areas of town, away from the tourist area.  The beachfront has been transformed to appease tourists, with high end condos, designer shops,  McDonalds, Starbucks & BugerKing, all mixed in with the little Mom and Pop places trying to sell T-shirts and souvenirs.  
  • Don't eat at the expensive restaurants on 5th Ave, not only are they overpriced the food is just disappointing.
  • Avoid Senior Frogs, every port has one, walk by, beer is 20-30 pesos($1.60-2.40) most anywhere else on the beach, $5US at Senior Frogs (price example, the whole menu is overpriced)
  • Although the restaurants and bars all look modern, the bathrooms are still mexican, no paper allowed in the toilets, as water pressure is too low.  Although in the resorts and condos, it is just like home.
  • Shop & eat at local Mexican merchants when you can, Walmart may look safe and familiar to you, but the prices and quality is better at the little Sorianna Super, and the restaurants off 5th Ave give great service because they love your business, prices are cheaper and the food is great!
  • No need to rent a car, Taxi's are cheap and much safer, but you can walk everywhere in Playa Del Carmen, it keeps you in shape, and convinces you that you deserve Happy Hour!
  • Apparently that stinky sewage smell near the beach by Mahakel, Los Palapas & down near La Pirata is not from sewage but from contaminated ground water.......but it still stinks!
  • Don't rent a condo on a busy street or near a noisy beach bar.  Cars, motorcycles, ATV's, dune buggies, buses, whatever they want to drive, may or may not have a or night 10th Ave is just too noisy!
  • We toured a few condos while we were there and next time hope to stay at Palmar Del Sol, or somewhere in Playacar, but we have yet to find the right place there.
  • Tourists are being overcharged for condos here, shop around, just because they are asking $350 a night doesn't mean they actually get it.  The rates for long term rentals can be 1/3 of the cost so most places will negotiate.  If you are Ok paying $350 a night stay at a high end. Adult only, all inclusive resort, like The Royal.
  • Isla Mujeres is worth at least a day trip and we would like to spend a week there next time at the Ixchel Hotel
  • We wish we had visited Akumal, apparently that is also a great place to rent a condo, 30 minutes from Playa Del Carmen.
  • If you love techno beat music and DJ's you should visit Playa Del Carmen during the BPM festival at the beginning of January every year, ....if you don't like the BOOM BOOM music, you should delay your stay until after Jan 15th.

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