Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Why does gay pride have to be naked?

I love reading Shelley Fralic's column in the Vancouver sun newspaper.  Yesterday she wrote a great article called "Hey Vancouver keep your pants on".  Here is a quote:

"There's nothing wrong with a parade to celebrate diversity, or men marching on behalf of their intact manhood, or cyclists asserting their right to the road, but why can't you keep your twigs and berries to yourself? Why can't you lock and load those boobs? And for the love of God, is it too much to ask that you cover that bobbling butt spilling over the sides of your bicycle seat like twin sacks of cottage cheese?"
Read more:

Apparently, there were aprox 600,000 spectators, for Saturday's Gay Pride parade in Vancouver, including families with small children.  All there to support diversity.  But I always wonder why there has to be so much nudity that goes along with Gay pride?  The news mentioned one completely naked man, and many, many other scantily clad individuals.  All in good fun right?   I can just picture the questions from the small children....."Mommy, why don't gay people where clothes?"  For years down the road, there will be more comments from the child whenever they see someone dressed flamboyantly.(you know the out loud, in the grocery store, embarrassing moments all parents have at one time or another)

Ms. Fralic, and many of the comments added to her article, all question what would happen in a heterosexual Parade with nude participants.  Most often, public nudists get arrested in Vancouver.

I have to agree with Ms. Fralic's final comments:

"Would you prance naked in front of your grandmother in her living room? Exactly. So why are you doing it on the street corner?
Nudity is not the new normal.
Put your pants on."

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