Sunday, 29 January 2012

So how is that wheat free diet going you ask?

Well, I managed to avoid wheat while I was in Mexico, (except beer of course, cause I am only human) no bread except this awful rice bread I bought from the grocery store, that really was not worth eating.  I managed not to gain any weight on this vacation which is a first for me, so that makes me happy!   We still ate the most amazing seafood dinners, had very long extended happy hours, every day (yes not something one should continue at home), and got some exercise every day,(beach walks are so easy to do when it's 25C, not so much now that we are home and it's 6C and pouring rain)

 I did have a few days with tummy troubles, and relayed these to my Naturopath on Monday.  Apparently the allergy tests I had done before christmas, show that I am allergic to eggs, bananas, sesame seeds and sensitive to garlic.  No sensitivities to wheat or dairy.  I do feel better without wheat in my diet but I know that something else is contributing to my digestive problems.

I did eat eggs for breakfast on vacation more than I would at home, and the one day I had eggs and then a banana for lunch, made for a bad afternoon of tummy cramps and trips to the bathroom.   This leads me to believe the Naturopath may know what she is talking about.   She also suggested that hormone changes can lead to an overgrowth of yeast in your body, which can cause digestive problems like mine.

So I am taking her advice, and doing a 3 week yeast cleanse.
This involves, taking more of her pills, grapefruit extract and some other stuff.....I hate taking pills, she has me on a probiotic once a day, a digestive vegetable thing 2X a day, and this escalating yeast cleanse stuff, starting at 2 a day to 6 a day and back down to 2 day over the 3 weeks.  I also have to avoid eggs, bananas, gluten, yeast and refined sugar for the 3 weeks.

So far, I know I feel better because I am not drinking alcohol (on weekdays), not because of the grapefruit pills, they upset my stomach sometimes (she says I will get used to them).  I have 2 more weeks so we'll see.

I plan on having a really great cinnamon bun on Valentines Day when this cleanse is all done.  (Dam, can I get an egg free cinnamon bun?)

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